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Aero Alliance is a full-service environmental risk management consulting firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 2000, Aero Alliance excels at providing quality environmental risk management services.  Aero Alliance is staffed with environmental and financial professionals. With its diverse professional expertise, Aero Alliance offers a wide variety of traditional and progressive environmental risk management services. From environmental investigations to environmental insurance products, Aero Alliance is the only call its clients need to make for comprehensive environmental due diligence and risk management services. 

David Brewster is our Principal Geologist responsible for technical review of due diligence and remediation projects associated with property condition assessments conducted during real estate transactions.  With over thirty years of experience, David has expertise in facility compliance auditing, contaminant fate and transport studies, environmental due diligence, risk assessment, site remediation, Phase I (ASTM 1527-05) and Phase II site assessments, property condition assessments and multi-media regulatory compliance.  His major achievements include: 

Regularly brought contaminated sites to final closure/resolution and sale.  Closure techniques always implemented a cost effective approach in concert without sacrificing environmental quality consideration, regulatory compliance and site aesthetics.  Developed effective and balanced evaluation of risk and cost for all projects 

Over a period of 10 years, brought a closed chemical weapons/munitions complex through complex and costly regulatory hurdles.  Site contaminates included many exotic chemical species requiring specialized analytical techniques.  All media were affected, well developed contaminant distribution  

Managed contract with the NCDOT for over 10 years.  During the duration of the contract completed numerous complex time-sensitive projects.  Implement effective, time-sensitive common sense solutions.  Utilizing creative approaches developed time sensitive and cost effective results. 

Managed the remediation of a closed wood-treating facility in accordance with applicable rules.  In consideration of time-sensitive negotiations, clean-up activities were conducted in substantial compliance with yet outside of the current regulatory review process.  Activities resulted in the removal of site impacts to a level necessary to allow the property transaction to proceed.


Environmental claims can have a devastating impact on business, both in monetary terms and the company's reputation.  Many corporations today are considering their environmental liability exposure and transferring this risk to third party insurers.  Aero Alliance has assisted companies by designing and developing state-of-the-art environmental insurance programs for the Aviation and Utility Industries. 

Airports are also a fertile environment for the EPA and state and local regulators, due to pollution accidents.  Many airports have large underground plumes of fuel caused by leaking storage tanks in addition to contamination caused from de-icing operations.  Airport Pollution is also attributed to aircraft maintenance, painting, chemical storage, cargo storage, painting operations and wastewater.   Several major airlines are spending millions of dollars to clean-up property at airports located throughout the world. Due to the amount of known pollution at Airports, many Airport Authorities are, or are considering, requiring environmental liability insurance as part of their tenants lease agreement.

All aviation operations need to be aware of the ecological liability risks associated with airports. Company Risk Managers need to consider that an Airport Lease Agreement will contain broad indemnities to the landlord, which would extend to environmental liability.  Under the federal law-CERCLA (Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act), a lessee can be held 100% accountable for the entire cost of a clean-up, even if the contamination resulted prior to the leasing of the hangar or ramp area.  Pollution liability claims can be extremely costly due to the potential for serious bodily injury and property damage arising from hazardous materials.  There will be significant expenses involved with the investigation and remediation during a site clean up.  Outside legal fees for the adjustment and defense of claims will also be costly.  All aviation policies also contain an “Absolute Pollution Exclusion" so companies are exposed to uninsured environmental claims.

Aero Alliance has significant aviation environmental insurance experience from developing a Pollution Liability Program for a major airline and the Member Companies of the National Business Aircraft Association.  Our aviation environmental pollution liability program will transfer environmental liability to third party insurers and cover:

  • Third-party legal liability, including on-site and off-site bodily injury and property damage.
  • Remediation expense from unknown pollution conditions on, at, under or emanating from covered locations.  Legal defense expenses arising from on-site and off-site pollution or in connection with remediation expense is covered.
  • Claims made against the insured for pollution conditions arising from the insured's product or waste during transportation by a third party or owned vehicle.
  • Non-owned disposal site coverage. 

Based on Aero Alliance's knowledge of the aviation industry, airport exposures, and environmental insurance marketing experience, we hope you will consider our team to serve your environmental and aviation risk needs.

The Pollution Solution Program Created For the Edison Electric Institute Member Companies

Aero Alliance Insurance Services created an Environmental Insurance Program available for the member companies of the Edison Electric Institute and the Alliance of Energy Services.  The creation of the Pollution Solution Program arose out of the perceived need of companies that were interested in acquiring other power generation companies.  Included with the assets being purchased will be historical and ongoing environmental liability as a major consideration in negotiations between parties.  The Aero Alliance Pollution Solution Program will assist power companies by transferring historical environmental liabilities to third party insurers, facilitating the acquisition of the company.  The program will provide certainty to buyers and sellers, rating agencies, potential investors and shareholders and financial institutions.  Financiers can be assured there is a dedicated cash reserve set aside for all known and unknown environmental liabilities, propelling the acquisition forward while providing the company with balance sheet integrity and important credit ratios needed to secure finances for future growth. 

Our account experience includes arranging a ten-year environmental insurance program for a major power generation company that acquired a utility company in New York.  By transferring the historical environmental liability to the insurer, we were able to facilitate the sales transaction propelling the acquisition forward.  Our Pollution Solution Program also assisted another Power Company by insuring a forty-six mile pipeline located in Florida for any on-going or unknown historical pollution liability.  In both cases, these were stand-alone programs that provided our clients with primary pollution liability coverage. (Under the AEGIS Program).       

Environmental Exposures for the Power Industry

  • Leaking storage tanks (underground and aboveground) and pipelines

  • PCB contaminated transformers

  • Soil/groundwater contamination discovered after property acquisition

  • Air emissions including particulates, volatile organic compounds, nitrous oxides, sulfur dioxide

  • Midnight dumping of hazardous materials on remote property locations.

  • Improperly contained drum and tank storage areas.

  • Contaminated wastewater release to sewer and water bodies.

  • Liability associated with use of non-owned disposal sites.

  • Third party legal liability.

  • Lead and asbestos.

  • Disposal of bottom and fly ash.

  • Sludge from wastewater treatment operations.

  • Other common environmental exposures, not included in this list

An environmental consulting firm estimates that each utility will need to spend between $50,000,000 to $100,000,000 toward remediation activities, an amount which can have a material effect on its balance sheet, result of operations and net cash flow.

Pollution liability claims can be extremely costly due to the potential for serious bodily injury and property damage arising from hazardous materials.  There will be significant expenses involved with the investigation, remediation and defense of claims.  Based on our unique knowledge of the power generation industry, the Aero Alliance Pollution Solution Program should be considered as part of your company's sound risk management strategy in mitigating environmental liabilities with cost effective insurance products.  The Aero Alliance Team uses an integrated approach to risk management that includes loss control and claims administrative services. 



Chemical and petroleum contamination of soils and groundwater can pose a significant risk to human health and the environment, as well as being a costly liability to property owners and lending institutions. Our experience includes addressing regulatory requirements associated with the assessment and remediation of soil and groundwater contamination.

Hydrogeological Assessments

We have extensive training and experience in subsurface assessments, and has performed hundreds of soil and groundwater evaluation projects throughout the southeast and mid-atlantic region. In addition, we have extensive experience in the development and implementation of soil and groundwater remediation projects. Capabilities include:

  • Groundwater monitoring well installation and sampling

  • Horizontal and vertical assessment of soil/groundwater contamination

  • Aquifer characterization and modeling

  • Evaluation of remedial alternatives

  • Design and construction management of remediation systems

  • System operations and maintenance

Hazardous Waste/Superfund Site Evaluation and Remediation

Complying with federal and state regulations governing site investigation and cleanup activities at sites requiring corrective action under RCRA, or at inactive/abandoned sites regulated under CERCLA/Superfund may seem daunting. As part of your Environmental Team, we can guide you through cost effective solutions to any problem, while negotiating with Regulatory Agencies.  Our assessment and remediation projects can include:

  • Development and implementation of Confirmatory Sampling (CS)

  • Plans in response to RCRA Facility Assessments (RFAs)

  • Performance of RCRA Facility Investigations (RFIs) and development of Corrective Measures Studies (CMSs)

  • Remedial Investigation/Feasability Study (RI/FS) development and implementation at CERCLA/Superfund sites

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Management

Current federal and state regulations and increased public awareness of environmental impacts from leaking UST incidents have resulted in the need for specific expertise in UST assessment and remediation. Our extensive experience includes:

  • UST assessment and closure

  • Assessment of soil and groundwater contamination

  • Evaluation of remedial alternatives

  • Design, installation and monitoring of remedial treatment systems

  • Completion of state trust fund packages for client reimbursement for remedial costs

For specific questions regarding subsurface remediation projects, please contact David Brewster at 919–889-3241 or by email at dbrewster@aero-alliance.com.




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