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Workers' Compensation & Employers' Liability Insurance

Aero Alliance specializes in providing Workers' Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance Coverage to our clients.  We are in the market daily and maintain valuable relations with all underwriters so we can succeed, where others might fail.  Our experience includes designing workers compensation programs for manufacturers, airlines and commercial operations.  The types of programs and coverage's designed to meet the needs of our clients include:

  • Retrospective Rating Plans

  • Guaranteed Cost Program

  • High Self-Insured Retention Program

  • National Air Transportation Association Program

  • Divided Risk

  • Voluntary Compensation and Employers Liability Coverage

  • Foreign Coverage

  • Other States Insurance

  • Maritime Acts Coverage

  • Long shore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act

  • Defense Base Act

Aero Alliance arranges for Loss Control Specialists to visit our clients' operations to help reduce or prevent work-place accidents.  All companies need to focus on safety and loss prevention in order to keep employees healthy and safe.  Our team will include Loss Control Specialists that will:

  1. Perform on-site surveys, which will help identify work-place hazards and exposures to loss;

  2. Measure environment exposures including chemical, noise, light and heat, which can have health implications affecting your employees;

  3. Evaluate necessary safety equipment, work areas/tools and the employees exposure to environmental hazards;

  4. Make recommendations to control and minimize your employees' risk to potential hazardous exposures. 

When a worker is injured, it is important for prompt medical treatment of the injured employee.  Aero Alliance works with insurance companies that maintain claims offices throughout the country and can provide 24-hour claims reporting service.  The goal of any effective Workers' Compensation Program is immediate medical treatment for the injured employee in order so they can return to work as soon as possible, while reducing your insurance costs.

The Aero Alliance Team is committed and ready to assist your company with your Workers' Compensation Insurance needs!

Key Benefits

  • Aero Alliance is experienced in placing various worker's compensation programs based on our clients insurance needs.

  • We are in the insurance market daily and maintain strong relations with underwriters, so we are capable of succeeding where others have failed.

  • Aero Alliance understands the risks and value of maintaining a safe work environment.  Our team's Loss Control Specialists will assist your company in minimizing your exposure to Workers' Compensation claims.


Companies involved in the financing or leasing of aircraft are exposed to:

  • Aircraft coming off lease or being repossessed

  • Aviation Products Liability for the sale of aircraft and spare parts

  • Catastrophic/unpredictable aviation losses

  • Lessee/borrower's failure to maintain adequate insurance limits, or the insurance lapses or is cancelled by the operator

  • Vicarious liability laws relating to ownership status

Aero Alliance has unique international insurance experience from serving one of the largest financial institutions in the world.  Our insurance specialists are skilled at arranging programs designed to protect the financial institution/lessor's aircraft portfolio from the above exposures.  We work to fully understand the leasing operations along with the contractual insurance and indemnification requirements.  Based on Aero Alliance's experience and knowledge, we will design a comprehensive insurance program to cover the risks of the leasing company. 

The types of coverage typically arranged by Aero Alliance, includes:

  • Contingent Hull & Liability Insurance

  • All Risk Hull & Spare Parts Insurance

  • War Risks Insurance

  • Broad Form Aircraft Liability Insurance

  • Aircraft Products Liability

  • Deductible Insurance

  • Consequential Loss of Use Insurance

  • Repossessed Hull and Liability Coverage

  • Flight Insurance including coverage for ferry flights and sales demo

  • Total Loss Only (TLO) Insurance

  • Aircraft Political Risks Insurance    

Please give Aero Alliance a call to arrange for one of our professionals to discuss our capability to design a comprehensive program to protect your financial/assets.  We fully understand the issues involved in marketing the aircraft with the global aviation insurance market.  Our team will also review and assist with contractual language issues, while we deliver quality service throughout the policy years.




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