Commercial Aviation

The rates for commercial operations has softened for operators that have a modern aircraft as part of their turbine fleet. Airlines are once again experiencing significant rate reductions again due to the increased market capacity. Losses are, however, on the rise and the profit margins shrinking for aviation insurance companies writing airline business. With respect to large FBOs and helicopter accounts, several underwriting companies are quoting a vertical line share (or % of the risk) with other insurance companies in order to bid for this class of business.

Aero Alliance maintains key relationships with decision makers in the aviation insurance community which allows us to place the most comprehensive and competitive insurance programs for our clients.

The aviation war insurance market experienced a major blow prior to September 11, 2001. On July 24, 2001 terrorists blew up several of Srilankan Airlines aircraft which cost the market $388,600,000. 

Key Benefits

  • We recognize the client's need to have responsive expertise.  Our  expertise includes not only having knowledge of the aviation insurance coverage and access to the global aviation markets, but influencing the market in terms of rates and coverage provided.

  • Aero Alliance assists our clients with risk analysis and designs cost effective aviation insurance programs, which will include risk retention analysis and captive funding alternatives.

  • The most cost effective programs are designed to prevent losses from occurring.  Our team provides loss prevention engineering services designed to eliminate or avoid potential aviation exposures to loss.

  • Aero Alliance applies high quality standards of conduct as a practice in serving our commercial aviation clients.  We constantly stay in touch and listen to our clients so we can sense their need for new products and services. 




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